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Right web etiquette

Contrary to what some may believe, the Web is not an anything goes environment. Considerations and courtesies need to be implemented by all users so that everyone can look forward to a more enjoyable or productive experience.
When it comes to Web sites, there seems to be a lack of common consideration and courtesy by many Web site owners and visitors alike. If both sides were to understand the basics, and the following checklist covers just the basics, Web site owners will produce more ROI, while Web site visitors will find their inquiries are responded to more accurately and concisely.
Basic Etiquette for Web Site Owners:

  • Minimize the moving, flashing this or that or the latest whiz-bang script. This goes for having too many advertisements on your site that take forever to load as well. Take our word for it we’ll be gone by then. If you want us to buy your products or services, stay away from Flash. We don’t care about all that fancy schmancy stuff?we just want to find what we are looking for and don’t want to have to download software (and we won’t) just to view your site.
  • Have consistent, intuitive navigation in the same place on every page throughout your site. Make sure you also offer a “Home” option in your navigation so we can get to the start of your site if we so choose. Don’t use buzzwords or make us wonder what is where; we should be able to tell at a glance and be where we want in no more than 2 clicks.
  • Make a point of having all your company’s contact information easily found on your site. If not on every page, at the very least on your Contact page. No address or phone number (What are you trying to hide?)?no business from us!
  • Please be clear and concise about your policies so that we know what to expect if we choose to do business with you. Have your policies posted on your site where we can easily find them for review.
  • At the very least make an effort to respond quickly to our specific inquiries in detail. Don’t send us canned or generic responses that really do not address our questions. The more detailed and promptly you respond, the more likely we will do business with you.

Basic Etiquette for Web Site Visitors:

  • Take the time to review our site to ensure our focus will in fact cover what you are seeking. Sites cannot be everything to everyone and most are not. Don’t e-mail an orange site about where to find the best apples! Review our site’s FAQ before you take the time to e-mail us about something we do not even cover.
  • Take the time to read the offered material on our site before e-mailing us asking questions that with little effort the answers could have been found. With all information we provide literally at your fingertips, take the time to read it before you take our time asking us to repeat what is already on our site. This includes reading our privacy statements and/or order policies before you engage in doing business with us.
  • When e-mailing our site, make an effort to type clearly and concisely about what you would like to know. All caps or all small case, poor grammar and typos makes your inquiries appear less credible. Understand we are extremely busy answering genuine customer e-mails to build our business. E-mails that appear to be from a sixth grader are those less likely to receive our serious consideration for a response.
  • To use our site’s functionality, please read our help files and tutorials that are provided to assist you before you e-mail for support simply because you don’t want to make the effort to read and learn. Certainly if after making a sincere effort you still have questions, e-mailing us asking for help in a kind and courteous manner will ensure our response.
  • When utilizing our site’s live online chat, be as courteous as you would if you were face-to-face with the support agent. These folks are here to help you. Here again, type using proper sentence structure, grammar and spelling so your request is understood. Then, once your session is completed, be sure to thank the operator for their time and assistance before just clicking off and going on your way. That always makes our day!

All too often both Web site owners and visitors think too much about themselves and what they want rather than to give thought to the other side. Wouldn’t it be nice if that were reversed?