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How to Create Your Website

First and foremost thing – Have the Correct Attitude and Lots of Dedication.
You might have seen all the hype about internet marketing and wondered how to get started with your own website. Don’t let them fool you! The process is relatively simple. What is not simple is the time, dedication and determination you will need.You won’t even need much money. I say again, it’s all about your attitude!
You can create your website, but before you start read the points below, which are a summary of some interesting posts on a major forum which was asking experienced marketers for advice to beginners.

  • Have the correct mindset, dedication, and focus
  • Learn what you need to get started….then get started! Don’t strive for absolute perfection before you get online.
  • Build a business plan so you have direction.
  • Find something which works for you. Not only in terms of your product or method of promotion, but also in terms of whom you listen to and the help/subscriptions you purchase. It’s easy to be swayed by the latest offer
  • Accept that perfection will only come from revising, rewriting, tweaking and repeating.
  • Accept that success will only come from failure. So true in this business. When you have that failure, that’s when the mindset and dedication need to click in. “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again”

I would also like to add a comment about how much time it all takes. I don’t mean how much time it takes to be successful, but the time you need to spend on a daily basis, even with just one IM project in place.To create your first website, and get rolling in the internet marketing field is all in your head!Be warned, you will need to commit a substantial amount of your day to your IM efforts. There is no doubt that time input is heaviest at the beginning of your project, as you research and research and find yourself up against lot of brick walls. In some ways the decision to make a start is one of the biggest hurdles you have to overcome.

I know that was my biggest stumbling block – making a start